Blind Man Gold Digger Prank!!

Blind Man Gold Digger Prank

This is a gold digger prank and a social experiment, in one. I approach a hot girl as a blind man to try and pick her up, but I am rejected. She doesn’t want to go out or for a walk, and seems to not have a boyfriend, so it isn’t like she would be a cheating girlfriend. Maybe it is because I am handicapped as a blind man with my cane, I cannot see, to see if she would help. Once she sees I have hundreds of dollars of bills of money in my bag, do you think this hot girl steals it and fails the honesty test? And once she hears I am rich from selling blind canes do you think she becomes interested and gets exposed as a gold digger? You are going to have to watch till the end to find out! This is the Blind Man Gold Digger Prank! Ultimate Epic Gold Digger Prank!

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